About Us


MAXOGUN Ltd is proud to present a marketplace dedicated to field sports enthusiasts, collectors and historical militaria.


Everyone is aware that the purchase, sale or trade of firearms, ammunition and explosives between private individuals isn't allowed on Facebook, Ebay and most major marketplace and social media sites.

We decided to set up our own site to fulfil this demand.


The marketplace is managed by knowledgeable Registered Firearms Dealers connected to the industry.


MAXOGUN has an integrated feedback system and a user managed shipping system to provides users with the confidence to trade online.


Backed by mainstream fully secure payment providers to ensure smooth transaction processing.


The MAXOGUN market place has been launched by popular demand to offer a unique cost effective alternative to the traditional auction process.

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Traditional Auction Houses – 15% SELLERS / 25% BUYERS

Why Use Maxogun ?

FREE Registration

Unlimited FREE Listings (6 Pictures Included)

Supports Classified Adverts, Online Auctions, Fixed Price Adverts

Facility To Include YouTube Videos Of Your Items To Enhance Buying Experience

Low Sellers Commission At Only 9%

NO Buyers Premium

UK Owned And Managed Secure Marketplace Dedicated To Hunting




I Have Lots Of Stock Can You List It For Me ?

YES unlike other market places we will bulk upload your stock list and images placing them in your accounts as draft listings for you to simply approve and list.

For further information and to send us your stock list please email [email protected]


I Am A Dealer Or Big Collector Do You Offer An Introductory Payments Scheme ?

We can set you up as a Maxogun consignor, this means any items that are listed via you or your contacts will attract a commission payment when an item sells. Basically a revenue stream for listings.


So If I Sell A Licenced Item How Does This Work


MAXOGUN provides the Market Place for items much the same as a traditional auction house.

When items are listed the seller indicates on the listing which type of UK licence is required to offer prospective buyers clarity before they bid.

Once an item has been purchased the normal system of face to face transfer, via a Registered Firearms Dealer or Export Agent apply.

MAXOGUN requires that users indicate upon registration whether they are a Licence Holder but no information is held.

It is a simple YES or NO. It is up to the registered user to ensure that all relative legal obligations are fulfilled.


What About Shipping ?

Due to the nature of shipping licensable items, users have the ability to manage their own shipping fees and process the transaction directly with the purchaser.

MAXOGUN encourages the use of Dealer To Dealer (RFD) transfers at all times in accordance with the UK Firearms Act 1968 which can be found at https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/27


Refund Policy ?

When you bid in an auction, there is no right of return, unless an item is materially different to its catalogue description. 

Just like when you’re in an auction room, bidding online is a contractual commitment to buy.

We always recommend you find out all you can about an item’s features and condition before you bid ensuring it is what you are expecting.

You must always contact the seller using the message seller facility within the Maxogun system.

Engage with the Seller and request videos of the item if need be to be sure you are satisfied BEFORE bidding OR buying.

Future Pay Facility

Maxogun DOES NOT offer this facility

A Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreement is automatically set up when you choose a product or service that is paid for by recurring payment (FuturePay) from an online store.


How Do I Get Started ?

Simply click on the link below and register.



I Have Questions Who Do I Contact ?

Simply click on the link below and send your email, we will either message or call you depending on the nature of your enquiry.


Email - [email protected] - (24/7)

Telephone - +44 (0)1205 480544 - (UK - GMT - 10:00 - 16:00) + (Voice Recorder Other Times)


Made in England

Registered Company Number 12055696